The Harry Straight Band won't bother with synthesizer washes or
beat boxes.They stick to a classic Rock format, which has all but
reposessed North American airwaves.Born To Be Wild ,Smokin' in
theBoys Room, No Matter what!
Sometimes I don't want to playthe 60's and 70's stuff, but that's all
they Request, says Straight,32. It's basic stuff People relate to it.It's
something they grew up with.
This solid band has appeared on City TV's Breakfast
Television,earned a bit of airplay with it's demo.
According to Straight their goal is simply to land a record deal with
material he describes as having, a Brian Adams feel.
Having seen little come of an independant deal and single release,
in Montreal in 1985, Straight has learned firsthand that it takes as
much determination as talent, and like his bandmates keeps up a
day job.I(already) did it the other way he said.If you're going on the
roadand you have no record in the market
I don't see the use.
Straight-talking Rock
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