KLOCK was formed in late 1979 after Thalassa came back from Ottawa.
The agency in Ottawa had mentioned that they would get more work with a fourth member.
So Yvon, Bert and Alain searched and found "Roger Baronette" who was looking to joined a new band,after
leaving the group Stallion.A few weeks of rehearsals and the band started playing : Mattawa and Sturgeon Falls
before going back to Ottawa. On their way there,they played a gig in Pembroke where they got a call from a agent
in Toronto looking for a band to go & tour of western canada. A subsenquent tour of 6 months.
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Roger Baronette
Alain Serre
Bert Roy
Yvon Serre
In March of 1980 Bert and Alain decided to leave the group and went back to Sturgeon Falls. Through a variety
of different musicians they ended with the line up of: Roger's brother  on bass Edgar , Chris on drums(who we
picked up in Fernie B.C.) Roger and Yvon. The Tour lasted til july of 1980.
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