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December 23, 2008
North Bay Nugget
MIC joins GNR with China CD
They started performing in bars and eventually landed spots on Chinese television, but this wasn't enough. Serre missed
rock and roll.

I got tired of doing karaoke shows," he said.

He started looking for musicians who shared his passion for classic rock. After distributing some fliers at a local university
he caught the attention of three musicians with whom he formed the band, MIC (Made in China).

Serre said his musical style has always remained the same no matter where he lived.

I haven't changed," he said. I've never moved from the 70s. Some people change flavours but I'm the same."

Though Serre's passion is for rock music, MIC mostly performs pop.

Rock music is taboo here," he said.
It is seen as being more like metal music. So here, we go as a pop band."

The band recently released its first, self-titled album, which features nine new songs written by Serre with one Chinese

The rising popularity of MIC has kept Serre busy rehearsing and playing every weekend. The band has scheduled four
performances Christmas Eve and many more through the holiday season.

The internet has really helped put us out there," he said.

Serre hopes both the band's success and his time in China will last.

Though he has been living in China for more than four years, Serre said he still finds the culture exciting.

I dread the day I have to come back to North America and find a real job," he said.

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After more than 30 years performing rock music across Canada,
Yvon Serre has found success halfway around the world.

Originally from Sturgeon Falls, Serre's fascination with Asian culture
led him to China, where he fell in love with the country. In 2004 he
moved to Chengdu, in Shichuan province, where he now lives with
his wife and daughter.

A longtime musician, Serre was hoping to continue his musical
career in China, but the language barrier prevented him from finding
like-minded musicians.

This led him to form a duo with his wife. Serre played guitar and he
taught her to play piano.
Billy Ren, Left, Yvon Serre, Mark McCleod and
Chris Yang make up the band M.I.C.