Roger moved to Ottawa and by autumn of 78 the band relocated in the Capital. An agent was found and the band
played a series of shows in the area going as far as Morin Heights, Pembroke autumn of 79 the band left
Roger and Ottawa and went back to Sturgeon Falls on a search for a 4th member.
In spring of 1977 Yvon
approached Roger Landry
about managing Rock Wizard.
By the summer of 1977 Roger
had accepted the position and
became their manager.
He got them a good P.A.
system from his previous band
 the Castlemen, bought some
of their suits and changed
their name to Thalassa.
They were finally working every
weekend. Gigs Included: The
Sunbeam Hotel in Sturgeon
Falls, Lafayette Hotel in
Noelville,Transcanada and
Commercial in Verner
Lavigne Hotel, some arena
gigs etc..
Bert Roy
Roger Landy
Alain Serré
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