Canada has a long history of throwing up bands and artists that are slightly left of field. Not tied to the mainstream
commercialism of America or the pop culture of the UK. They tend to bring a fresh approach to conventional music
style; Yvon Serré is no exception to this.
Serre's upbeat style is easily recognizable, his songs have been compared to Green Day, AC/DC, Cheap Trick just
to name a few. Aside from the comparisons,  one will soon understand why his songs are truly classified as
"feel-good, pick-me-up rock!"
Over the next couple of years he undertook an intense touring schedule with  “Klock”  ,   “Becuz”   and   “Franc”  .
At the age of 22, he formed the  “Yvon Serre Groupe”  , an outfit where he not only wrote all original material but
also wrote in his mother tongue of French.
For the making of the first album, Serre spent three memorable weeks in the
studio with renowned producer Pierre "Baz" Bazinet. (Sass Jordan, Luba,
Celine Dion etc.) It was during this time that he would learn the ropes in
production. During that period he wrote more than 100 songs!
His solo's are, whilst not Yngwie-worrying, mightily nice. “Rock”
Yvon is a decent songwriter and a real good guitar player.I don't mind listening to songs like "Every other day" and
"Everything you do", in fact I do enjoy Yvon's guitar playing a lot. “”
In 2004 he was invited back to China to perform on TV for the prestigious
55th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of Chengdu show.
It was at a gig in Montreal at The Club Soda, they were spotted by producer
Denis Pantis who signed the group to his label (Les Disque Millionare
/Rockbec) where the band released a single supported by more touring.
To promote the city of Chengdu, a concert  in  ” Dujiangyan ”   was
televised across China in Septembre 2007. Since then, Yvon has been
touring extensively in China with his band M.I.C. .
6 Cd's released and with  M.I.C.  self  titled album in 2008 having had
airplay in England , Spain, France, Germany, Serbia and Canada. with
reviews in major magazines etc..
"The best is yet to come!" he says. "Look out for a much-improved M.I.C. CD
and more touring for me and the boys!"
Born in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, he first picked up a guitar at the age of 8 and within three years was playing lead
guitar in his first band  
"Love Beat " . Writing his own songs from the age of 14 and playing with a number of
bands during his early teens;
 “The Junior Beatles”  ,  “Rock, Wizard” and   “Thalassa”  , he progressed from
playing school dances to major rock clubs.
With new members, new material and new
horizons, and with more than 300 songs in his
catalog the future looks bright for Yvon Serre and
his unique musical style.
In the Spring of 2001,He was invited to Beijing, China to play a number of
venues and resorts including  
Southwest Jiao Tong University  . This led to
two television appearances in 2002
Chengdu cdtv1. In fact the second of
these was the third most watched television show  that year in the Sichuan
province (80 million people). By 2003 Yvon was back in Canada playing shows
in Vancouver.
Following the lack of support for the single Serre moved to Toronto in 1986
and formed   
“The Harry Straight Band”   which toured Canada
extensively for the next 14 years with occasional radio airplay and TV
appearances; he was also involved with side projects.