Released in 2008
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Recorded at (录音):
Jingfei Jiaren Studio (静飞佳人)
Produced by (出品人): Yvon Serre (汉瑞)
Engineers (录音师): Billy Ren (任罕)
             Chris Yang (杨飞)
             Paul Cao (曹航)
Mixing by (混音师) : Yvon Serre (汉瑞)
Mastered by:(母带处理) : Andrew St.George
                                      at Le Mix Productions
Graphics (创意设计):  Yvon Serre (汉瑞)
Drawings(国画):Tian Haisu (田海稣)
Photo Back Cover (摄影):Ye Jun (叶俊)
Additional Players(其他乐手):
Anders Christensen : Guitar “Every Other Day”
              and “Give me Cash”
Melissa Carole : Sax  “Everything you do”,
               “Give me Cash” and
               “Every Other Day”.
Uchida“ Yugi ”Yuuji : Bass “Let be your King”
                    and “Let’s do it”
Tu Jingfei (涂 静飞) & Li Lianjun (李镰君):
background vocals on “Give me Cash”
Philip  Fernandez : trumpet on “Give me Cash”and
“Rock n Roll”
M.I.C. would like to thank(鸣谢): Shamrock(三叶草),The Music House(音乐房子),Hou Wei (侯玮), Yugi,Gordy Carlson,
Trouble Tribe Japan, Andrew St.George, Paul Cao(曹航),Tian Haisu (田海稣) Mingwu Music Store(明屋琴行), Specially
Zhijuan Luo(罗志娟) & Nicole Serre(妮可儿) for not kicking me out of the house.
1 - TAKE A LOOK 3:36    
2 - EVERY OTHER DAY 3:37    
3 - ROCK & ROLL 3:21  
4 - I DON’T NEED YOU 3:06     
5 - EVERYTHING YOU DO 4:43     
6 - GIVE ME CASH 3:41   
7 - CAN’T LET GO 3:24    
8 - LET ME BE YOUR KING 4:07    
9 - LET’S DO IT 2:24
all songs written by: Yvon Serre
except * Richie Ren Xianqi
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